Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crayola Challenge with Sweet Escape Digi

Well, I can't believe I did not have any crayons in the house!
Kit and Clowder on Facebook periodically has wax-crayon challenges for fun, and I've been wanting to try it. So, with this cutie-freebie digi from Kit and Clowder and Sweet Escape Digis, and a Saturday of free time, I knew this was the challenge for me.
For this "masterpiece" I used a little over 1/3 of the Crayola Crayons in my 24 pack and regular printer paper. I discovered it was best for me - on her clothes to use my darkest shadow color first (purple), then color with next lighter (blue), then next (lighter blue green). My last, well almost last, color (green) was for the highlights. It almost made it look yellowish in some areas.
 I colored her boots and collar with grey and then tried to blend it a little with white.
I like the way that made it look, so I went over her clothes and hair with the white crayon also. Her hair is brown and then the two yellows in my pack; although the lighter yellow looked the same as the darker, so I tried to leave some blank areas. I did color over these white areas with the crayon though.
For her skin I started with brown, then the red-violet color for her cheeks and finally the peach. Lastly I touched up some of the shadow areas with the brown crayon again. I did not go over the skin with the white crayon though.
 I did go around the image and ground it with light pink, then ground it further with the red-violet color. Then I colored the white crayon over it.
This was a fun technique. I was tempted to melt the colors with my heat gun to see what would happen.....Maybe I'll try that for the next time! Thanks for looking and maybe I've inspired you to bring out your inner child! Have fun!